Our SS17 campaign was shot by multi award winning photographer Szymon Brodziak. It features his beautiful wife on location in Thailand and really conveys the erotic intimacy of our lingerie. Szymon also photographed our Lascivious swim in this beautiful location. These images are, as always, a monochrome match made in heaven.


Szymon Brodziak



Swim SS16/17

The Lascivious swim campaign takes place on a scorching hot day in Los Angeles. To give the story breadth, we shot at several locations throughout the day.. From the roof of a Hollywood Hills home to the streets of Downtown LA. Blending the modern edge of the collection with the iconic aesthetic of photographers like William Eggleston and Joey Meyerowitz, we created a modern-vintage look that looks more like film stills than a fashion campaign.


Peter Nikolai

Art Direction
Chloe Hamblen & Peter Nikolai

Ellen Monohan

Hair and Make-up:
Meghan Nguy

Clara Savon



Our ‘Signature’ campaign was shot locally to Lascivious, between a woodland location and a private house in Surrey, by Parisian Fashion photographer Pierre Dal Corso. The campaign features some new seasonal styles as well as a reinvention of our Classic lines, formed to create our Signature range. The colours are muted natural tones, which are seen throughout, for example, from the woodland to the wooden cladding inside the house; taking inspiration from the outside and drawing it in. Organic forms are reflected back in the slick modern glass of the house, in the same way that the lingerie forms a slick juxtaposition against our pliable natural skin. It reminds us that whilst we are able to manipulate nature, it is also the master of us - sex, sensuality, the luxury and the organically formed is all connected.



Pierre Dal Corso



Kyla Close @ Premier

Hair and Make-up:

Rachel Jones @ Terri Manduca

Assisted by:

Lucy Ensum

Tara O’Donovan


10 Year Anniversary Collections

Our 10 year anniversary marks a big milestone for Lascivious. Creating this beautiful brand, working with incredibly talented people along the way and striving to create something provocative and directional has been a huge pleasure. As such we wanted to create a film to show off our 10 year collections and celebrate! We worked with fashion photographer David Yeo to produce this special stop-motion short film. We hope you enjoy!


Lascivious Champion
Lascivious Flasher
Lascivious Kilila
Lascivious Lila
Lascivious Peep Show Aqua
Lascivious Smitten Nude
Lascivious Zeta


David Yeo 

Lighting Technician & Camera Assistant:
Alex Forsey

Photographic Assistant & Specialist Retoucher:
Steffi Galea

Photographic Assistant General:
Eduardo Olavarri

Marcy Paterson
Using products from: gogophilip.com/ 
and christiancowansanluis.com/

Emilie Yong 

Moira Borg

Alice Rausch at Premier
James W at Zone

General Assistant:
Meriel Woolf

Milo - Beagle
Audrey - Miniature Schnauzer

Artplinths / London Art Workshop Ltd